Haliburton County, Ontario

Haliburton County is a popular tourist spot and the home of cottages, lakes, picturesque trails, and heritage sites. The county is found in Central Ontario and has a population of about 18,000 people.


Founded in 1874, Haliburton County was originally named the Provincial County of Haliburton and incorporated townships located within the boundaries of other districts and counties. Townships that were withdrawn and transferred from other counties include Minden, Harburn, Dudley, Lawrence, Havelock, Hindon, and others.

Economy, Income, and Major Sectors and Employers

The main sectors of the economy are tourism, retail, services, and construction. Residents find employment in sectors such as transport and trades, service and sales, government and community services, and administration, finance, and business. In 2015, the median total income was $29,425, and the average income of male employees was $34,828 compared to just $24,950 for female employees. Total income includes government transfers, employment income, and market income. The average after-tax income stands at $27,080.

Businesses in the area work across sectors such as real estate, outdoor recreation, building supplies, fishing, boat and canoe building, advertising, and accommodation. Businesses in the tourism sector operate inns and resorts such as the Loralea Country Inn Resort, Algonquin Lakeside Inn, Blue Spruce Housekeeping Resort, and The Nordic Inn. Businesses that specialize in fishing include the Captain Action Fly Fishing Charters and Clansman Motel and Cottages. The latter offers fishing packages for sports and ice fishing, including hot lunches, breakfast, accommodation, and boat rentals. Mountain Trout House Marina operates in the marines sector and offers rentals and sales and repairs for snowmobiles and boat motors. There are several businesses in the field of outdoor recreation, among which the Tall Pines Snowmobile Club and The Clansman Motel & Cottages. They offer outdoor recreation and sports activities such as mushroom picking, snowmobiling, sports fishing, and ice fishing. Businesses in the real estate sector offer acreages, waterfront homes, cottages, and other types of recreational real estate.


There is plenty to see in Haliburton County, including museums, galleries, preserves, and reserves. Outdoor attractions are the Sculpture Forest, Minden Wild Water Preserve, and Haliburton Forest and Wild Life Reserve. The Sculpture Forest is found in Glebe Park and features sculptures by international and Canadian artists such as Brett Davis, William Lishman, and Aaron Galbraith. Visitors have the chance to see over 30 sculptures titled Voyage, Flying Debris, Together We Explore the Wild, and To Cut or Not to Cut. The Haliburton Forest and Wild Life Reserve is also a major attraction that features outdoor adventures and sports activities such as mountain biking trails, hiking trails, canopy tours, and a wolf centre. Winter activities include ATV and snowmobile trails, fishing, and dog sled tours. There are plenty of camping sits in Haliburton County, among which the Pine Grove Point, Monarch Bible Camp, and The Woods of Minden Hills. Visitors enjoy winter activities such as snowboarding, downhill skiing, dog sledding, and cross country skiing. There are plenty of summer activities to enjoy as well, including canoeing, kayaking, rafting, golf, and horseback riding. A host of activities and events are held in the area, examples being the Haliburton International Film Festival, Frost Festival, Dogsled Derby, and Children’s Winter Festival.